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Automatic Electric

Arguably the most striking of the Deco-era designs, Automatic Electric  epitomizes the very definition of Art Deco. Click on the heading above to browse the various sultry models available.

Western Electric

Another instantly recognizable design of the 30's, Designer Henry Dreyfus immortalized these classic designs for Western Electric.


Many strikingly beautifully Deco models were marketed by Stromberg in the 30's. A few models that are in the works are shown here, including the gorgeous Model 1211 Wall phone that is so popular today.

North Electric

A classic favorite is the Model 7H6, with it's sweeping lines and elegant feel. We will focus primarily on the desk model in the future.

Replacement parts

The proper restoration of vintage and antique telephones requires many specialized parts, and often as not, originals just aren't available. We actually cast replacement parts utilizing molds made from a perfect original for perfect fit and finish.

The beautiful cloth cords that adorn these creations are specially knit utilizing the very same machines that were used back in the early part of the 20th century.  Odis LeVrier, of House of Telephones in San Angelo, Texas performs the manufacturing. Feel free to visit his website by merely clicking on the highlighted words above.

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