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Parts that I am presently able to cast:

Wonderphone mouthpiece
Western Electric Pony top cap
Western Electric mouthpiece w/star
Western Electric type 143 receiver cap
Western Electric type 144 receiver cap
Western Electric 584/684 subset cover
Western Electric Solid/seamless F1 handset
Western Electric E1 spitcup (not presently available)
Western Electric Adapter for the (glass) Red Cross mouthpiece
Western Electric 302 subset cover (converts 302 base to subset)
Western Electric payphone mouthpiece w/patent dates around edge
Western Electric 2211/2212 Spacesaver - complete Touchtone housing
Western Electric type 122 receiver cap - for transitional pony -also fits longpole-
"Property of American Bell Telephone Company" incised around perimeter
S-C Fatboy cradle
AE Type 41 handset - complete
S-C 1211 Wallphone Dial shroud
S-C 1211 Wallphone body & parts
Kellogg 9900 Wallphone Dial shroud
Western Electric 354 Wallphone body
LARGE Berliner mouthpiece (pic on request)
AE Type 41 handset caps - both banded and plain
AE Type 38 handsets with either early or updated spitcup
Kellogg spitcups - large/longer/earlier one from the Ashtray type handset


Contact & purchasing information:


1-517-230-6730  Eastern U.S. time zone


 Sales & General Information: info@telephonecreations.com

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