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The Model AE40 in White Marble and Strawberries n' Cream on the right. Below, an model AE40 in Water-Clear. Virtually any color or hue of the rainbow can be cast for you.

Below, a Model 34 in Jade Green, an original color. Note the subtle differences in the 34 and the model 40. The model 40 was introduced in 1937 as an offspring of the Model model 34, with various functional and design innovations.


Right: The Model 34 in Orchid; another original color of the 30's. Although I am sure you would agree that this color is absolutely striking, it just never caught on back in the 30's, making this one of the rarest of all original examples to own.


The Model 1A is a more petite design that was originally introduced around 1926. With there small size, there is not enough room inside for the ringer & electrical components, so this demure little gem requires a separate, attached  "subset box" to operate properly. This subset can be located either on the desk next to your telephone, or in a more inconspicuous location, such as under a desk or table.  

The Automatic Electric Model 1A in Jade Green and Chinese Red...      




For further information, or to arrange for one of these to be custom-cast the the color of your choice, please feel free to contact us.

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