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Frustrated with the total lack of color other than basic black in vintage Art Deco telephones, we tackled the monumental task of actually designing a unique process to cast our own custom-colored bodies for these classic telephones of old.

These unique and exciting creations offered for purchase are fully functional, utilizing all original components. Furthermore, they are not something you will find in a huge home decorating catalog. These creations are brought to life by commission only. Each creation is personally signed and individually serial numbered by the artist. Originally introduced in the 1930ís, this timeless and elegant Art Deco design is as pleasing to the eye now as it was then.  

In addition to their striking visual appeal, one of the first things you will notice about these vintage classics is their heft.  Weighing in at nearly 6 pounds, they were purposely designed to not slip and slide around the table like the cheaply made telephones of today. 

We can create one of these truly Art Deco inspired, originally equipped telephones for you, in nearly any hue or shade of color that you can imagine. Just think; match a room's color scheme with a  working piece of art from the height of the Art Deco movement. 



These vintage rotary-dial telephones function perfectly on your touchtone lines, and are fitted with beautiful cloth cords covered in fine-woven Texas cotton for a totally authentic look and feel.  Additionally, all telephones have working original dual-tone brass bells that have that glorious vintage jingle to them. The small round models (model AE-1A on following pages) do require a separate box called a subset that houses the brass bells and electrical components since they are too small to house within the telephone body itself. All telephones are also fitted with matching cloth line cords with a modern connection that simply plugs into your standard telephone outlet.  Vintage original cords can always be specified for an additional charge. 

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